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It’s time to retake Colorado

Our Mission


A decade and a half ago the liberal Democrats realized that they needed a longterm plan for to win elections and advance their liberal agenda.  The Blueprint for Colorado was born.  They began registering liberal voters year round, and mobilizing those same voters a year before elections, not weeks before.

A decade and a half later, Conservatives still haven’t been able to put together an effective response and as a result, we’ve lost the Governor’s mansion, House of Representatives, a Congressional seat, and every Senate race but one.

When in office the liberal media called Secretary of State Scott Gessler the Honey Badger of Colorado politics, because of his of his willingness to stand up and fight back.” Now Scott Gessler has formed the Colorado Alliance, and he’s ready to fight back again.

The Colorado Alliance will focus on voter registration, voter and activist training, and targeting liberals for defeat.  We are building an army to defend our state and we need you with us.

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